Zig-Zag – The Gold Standard for Premium Rolling Papers

Zig-Zag has set the standard for rolling and smoking accessories for more than a century. With over 140 years of history behind the cannabis brand, Zig-Zag’s story is still rolling out across the industry, bringing together original cannabis culture with style and art.  

The History of the Zig-Zag Man 

As legend has it, in 1855 a French soldier, known as a “Zouave,” was smoking a pipe during the Seige of Sevastopol when it was struck and destroyed by a stray bullet. In a moment of ingenuity he used a torn piece of paper from his bag of gunpowder to roll a cigarette. The first rolling paper was thus born, and in 1879, the Braunstein brothers took the rough concept invented by the Zoave and introduced their premium quality rolling papers to the world. 

To this day, the famous symbol of the bearded smoking Zoave Boris, also known as Captain Zig-Zag, continues to appear as a symbol in countless examples of popular music and art. 

Quality and Ingenuity

The brand name Zig-Zag is a tribute to the company’s ingenious interleaving dispenser, a revolutionary design in the rolling paper business and one that is now commonplace for rolling paper brands around the world. All Zig-Zag rolling papers are made with natural ingredients and are lined with a thin strip of natural glue to keep every roll perfectly intact. The glue is made from the sap of the African Acacia tree and provides a seamless roll without altering the flavor of the  smoke. Zig-Zag has a variety of different options for your smoking needs, from King Size papers for longer, leisurely smokes, to Kutcorners for easier manipulation of the paper during the rolling process. 

For an even easier roll, just fill a prerolled cone, available in a variety of sizes from Mini to King. Rolling machines for a hands-free roll, and trays of varying size, stylishly adorned with classic Zig-Zag imagery, are also available. 

A Cultural Icon in Style

From Janis Joplin to Dr Dre, Zig-Zag and its famous symbol of the mythical French soldier have inspired and been synonymous with a wide range of musicians and popular culture figures and movements for decades. This iconic status is further captured in their new 1879 line of clothing and accessories, giving Zig-Zag devotees a chance to proudly represent their favorite rolling papers in style. 

The collection pays tribute to the history of the company and the legendary Zoave that inspired its inception, and includes vintage embroidered clothing and leather goods. All 1897 apparel and accessories will be produced only once, making them exceedingly rare pieces of history and a priceless addition to an enthusiast’s personal collection. 

Zig-Zag Studios

Zig-Zag is always active in the artistic community and is proud to showcase the talents of artists from around the world. Zig-Zag Studio Sessions feature musical performances on Zig-Zag’s Kutcorner Stage, while Through My Lens presents an array of stars in photography, graphics and fine art who are taking their chosen mediums to new and exciting places.

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