The RAW Approach

RAW revolutionized rolling papers more than a decade ago, but the history that inspired the RAW brand goes back to the 15th century, when cigarette rolling paper was packaged in single rolls and required the user to cut the paper to the size desired. The first rolling paper booklet was invented in the 1800s near Alcoy, Spain, the same place where RAW produces its papers today. 

RAW continues to develop new ways to take your smoking experience to the next level. Pushing the boundaries while remaining true to their vision of creating the cleanest, purest rolling products available is the RAW way of doing things. 

RAW means pure

RAW uses only the purest ingredients to create their rolling papers. Their unique production process begins with all-natural plant fibres and an Acacia gum line to ensure a seamless roll while never altering the flavour of the smoke. No genetically modified organisms, dyes or bleach are used in the process, and no chalk is added to artificially whiten the ash of your smoke. The resulting natural-coloured honey-brown paper is watermarked with a proprietary criss-cross design to ensure a slow and even burn every time.

RAW Organic Hemp papers are tan-coloured and slow burning thanks to a process that uses pure water, resulting in an even thinner paper than RAW Original and a clean smoke that preserves the terps of your favourite filler. As always, RAW never uses burn additives in their papers. 

Unparalleled Selection

RAW presents an extensive catalogue of rolling papers, cones, and smoking accessories to satisfy all your smoking needs. Keep it simple with RAW’s Original papers, fill and twist off a big smoke cigar-style with RAW Original pre-rolled cones, or get really creative with RAW’s cleverly designed holders for multiple rolls. Not sure what size cone you’re going to want next time around? RAW has you covered there too, with RAWket packs that give you all the Classic cone sizes in one convenient collection. Prepare your filler and catch all the crumbs with RAW’s stylishly designed rolling trays, cool your smoke with the sleek RAW chiller, and keep your stash fresh and secure in a RAW Cache Box.

These are just a handful of unique and innovative products offered by RAW to enhance every smoking experience. Check out to see their rawesome collection.

Giving Back

RAW believes in the notion that all human life is equal, and has put this ideal into action through charitable work in countries around the world. RAW engages in Entrepreneurial Philanthropy, creating partnerships with businesses and communities for mutual benefit, and doing its part in the fight against world starvation and the lack of clean drinking water. Through donations that aid in the building of clean water wells and teaching sanitation practises, RAW is helping children around the globe every year. 

RAW is proud to be a brand recognized and appreciated by countless artists, and the love is mutual. RAW is always ready to toss different concepts and influences into the blender and see what comes out, and is excited to work with today’s brightest creators ro bring new ideas to the smoking world with RAW Collabs. The central idea in all of RAW’s partnerships and joint ventures is to show an appreciation to the communities and people that have helped RAW grow into what it has become.

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