Cannabis: From Good to Great

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CannaCribs helps you take your cannabis knowledge to the next level

Learning is seeing and doing

CannaCribs takes cannabis education to the next level. There is no better way to learn the tricks of any trade than to immerse yourself in the craft, and there is no better way to improve your craft and become an expert than to see the experts at work. As a great thinker once stated, you should “always imitate those who have been outstanding.” 

Anyone who has casually grown cannabis with little knowledge of the science and proper procedures in each step of cultivation knows it ain’t like growing a juicy tomato, where even the novice will have delicious success. There is a vast difference between decent, smokable cannabis and expertly-grown, properly dried, and perfectly-cured buds. Even more, experienced personal growers struggle to bring their quality up to the level they are used to from their favorite producers. 

Learn from the Greats 

CannaCribs aims to bring the immersive learning experience to personal growing enthusiasts and professional cultivators alike in an effort to close that gap between good cannabis and great cannabis and point growers to the best new products and services on the market. 

From seed to smoke, CannaCribs takes you on a visual journey, showcasing some of the largest and most successful grow operators through never before seen footage, from which you’ll learn skills and strategies surrounding genetics, cultivation, nutrients, harvest and packaging, and quality assurance, all invaluable insights into how the industry’s best producers have honed their craft. Including a trip through the legendary Jungle Boyz grow operation in California and a look into Rare Dankness’ impressive genetics catalog, subscribers get exclusive inside-looks at some of the industry’s finest facilities, techniques and practices. Tune in to the CannaCribs podcasts for more insights and helpful discussions.

Engage with a Passionate Community 

Thirteen videos episodes, 15 podcasts and nearly 130,000 subscribers in, CannaCribs is growing like a flowering cola. The platform is of benefit to both the viewer and the producers interviewed. The interviews not only give cannabis growers a chance to learn the particularities of an increasingly specialized craft, but give producers and distributors exposure to a dedicated and curious audience. The episodes also give the industry’s most talented and dedicated people a moment to share their passion unfiltered and in real-time. It’s an opportunity for the workers in every step of the process from seed to sale to offer their own valuable and unique insight into what cannabis means to them and what their own contributions are in bringing cleaner, tastier, and ever-better cannabis to the market.   

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