Belushi’s Farm: A vision of nature and healing in harmony

Actor and musician Jim Belushi has turned his creative attention and energy to the healing potential of cannabis.  Belushi’s Farm Founded in 2015 in Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley, Belushi’s Farm cultivates high quality cannabis and develops all-natural CBD products for physical and spiritual wellness. Every plant is naturally sungrown and carefully tended and tested. Jim… Continue reading Belushi’s Farm: A vision of nature and healing in harmony

Amsterdam Coffee Company

Amsterdam Coffee Company in Houston, Texas is a prime example of companies embracing cannabis and finding clever ways to work with the plant to bring exciting new products to market. In Texas, cannabis is illegal for recreational use, with possession of ~2 ounces being punishable by up to 6 months in prison and/or a fine… Continue reading Amsterdam Coffee Company

Zig-Zag – The Gold Standard for Premium Rolling Papers

Zig-Zag has set the standard for rolling and smoking accessories for more than a century. With over 140 years of history behind the cannabis brand, Zig-Zag’s story is still rolling out across the industry, bringing together original cannabis culture with style and art.   The History of the Zig-Zag Man  As legend has it, in 1855… Continue reading Zig-Zag – The Gold Standard for Premium Rolling Papers

Bhetter with Bhang

Bhang was brought to life by the vision of a master chocolatier who developed an interest in cannabis and its tremendous potential in cuisine. Founded on the idea of bringing the spiritual and medical properties of cannabis and the sweet decadence of a fine dessert into harmony, Bhang offers a tantalizing selection of consistently-dosed cannabinoid… Continue reading Bhetter with Bhang

The RAW Approach

RAW revolutionized rolling papers more than a decade ago, but the history that inspired the RAW brand goes back to the 15th century, when cigarette rolling paper was packaged in single rolls and required the user to cut the paper to the size desired. The first rolling paper booklet was invented in the 1800s near… Continue reading The RAW Approach