Amsterdam Coffee Company

Amsterdam Coffee Company in Houston, Texas is a prime example of companies embracing cannabis and finding clever ways to work with the plant to bring exciting new products to market. In Texas, cannabis is illegal for recreational use, with possession of ~2 ounces being punishable by up to 6 months in prison and/or a fine of up to $2000. The state legalized medical use through the Compassionate-Use Act in 2015, and several counties are enacting far lower penalties in their jurisdictions. In Houston, a vote in May will solidify cannabis decriminalization, and Amsterdam Coffee House will be uniquely positioned to take advantage of the brewing market, while offering hemp-based CBD in the meantime.

Amsterdam Coffee Company

Founded in January 2019 by Drew Bailey and Michael Migl, two friends with a passion for specialty coffee and cannabis, who decided why not blend the two, just as a coffee roaster blends his beans for the perfect grind? 

Amsterdam Coffee Company serves traditional Amsterdam coffee and tea beverages including Dutch Coffee and Amsterdam Fogs, as well as the ever-popular Matcha Latte, also offered with a twist of strawberry. You’ll notice most of their drink menu includes steamed whole milk, which is an excellent carrier for CBD, as well as THC, when it becomes legal. 

For now, High quality and rigorously tested CBD products are available, including drip coffee with CBD infused beans or a cold brew with CBD infused beans, as well as CBD-infused Azuca sugar and Dr. G’s Mixer Elixer, which can be added to any drinks on the menu.

Bringing the Amsterdam Cannabis Culture to Texas 

In the Netherlands, Amsterdam coffee houses are renowned worldwide for the cannabis culture experience. Amsterdam Co. Coffeehouse is perfectly positioned to help normalize cannabis in a state where 60% of the population is leaning towards decriminalization, and has the perfect location to offer CBD education on site. 

Housed in a 1900’s Dutch Colonial, a classic look known for the distinctive roofs, overhanging eaves, and dutch doors, Amsterdam co truly is fashioned like a European cafe. Inside, the Euro-contemporary design is complete with an open-access coffee bar. The front and back patios are perfect for live music and open educational events the Amsterdam Coffee Company team hope to host, from latte art to CBD dinner collaborations with local chefs. Working with local roaster Matt Toomey of Little Dreamers Coffee as their coffee consultant and menu curator, the Amsterdam Co. duo merges Amsterdam cannabis culture with supporting local businesses. Stopping in? Check out the Amsterdam Coffee Company menu and order your coffee or tea for pickup here.

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