Bhetter with Bhang

Bhang was brought to life by the vision of a master chocolatier who developed an interest in cannabis and its tremendous potential in cuisine. Founded on the idea of bringing the spiritual and medical properties of cannabis and the sweet decadence of a fine dessert into harmony, Bhang offers a tantalizing selection of consistently-dosed cannabinoid infused edibles for a gourmet cannabis experience.

The Bhang lineup of chocolate bars aims to have something for everybody, regardless of what you’re craving. Bhang’s chocolate artisans have mastered the craft of infusing delicious recipes with a variety of cannabinoid profiles without the cannabis taste sometimes noticed in other edibles, delivering a satisfying experience of pure chocolate goodness.

Spiritually and Environmentally Conscious 

The term Bhang is Sanskrit and refers to an edible mixture of cannabis leaves and buds used in tea and food since ancient times in Hindu practice. Cannabis has had spiritual significance for millenia and for countless cultures, often tied to notions of peace and harmony with the natural world and one another. These ideals are honored by Bhang’s dedication to using only sustainable, eco-friendly methods in every step of the process to bring you the highest-quality chocolates available and get us all a bit closer to that very harmony sought by the ancients.

All of Bhang’s cocoa beans are eco-friendly and sustainably sourced, and each piece of chocolate is evenly dosed to ensure a consistent and reliable effect every time. The dedication to a healthier environment doesn’t end thereBhang’s products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals, and use only recycled, biodegradable material and soy-based ink for packaging. The aim is to spread as much and well-being with the least environmental impact possible.

The Perfect Cannabis Chocolate Blend

Bhang’s master chocolatier has personally selected and painstakingly perfected an exquisite collection of recipes that blend the finest ingredients and cannabis oils to create an assortment of milk, dark, and white chocolate bars of the highest quality and flavor. These include tried-and-true classics like peppermint and caramel mocha milk chocolate bars; rich, robust options like Fire and Blueberry Dark, and crunchy-creamy selections like White Toast rice puff and the award-winning Cookies and Cream white chocolate bars. 

There is even a throwback to SNL’s golden era, with the Blues Brother’s inspired Fried Chicken and Cola option, created for the playful and adventurous who are looking for a salty-sweet treat that’s completely unique. For a warm treat on a cold day, or just to silence a nagging sweet tooth and feel good to boot, Bhang’s quick-onset THC-infused Hot Chocolate Mix in 5 and 10 mg single serves is like a warm, cozy hug in a mug. 

Whatever your chocolate craving, Bhang has you covered, and you don’t need to be a gourmet food critic to appreciate gourmet chocolate. Try some and see what 10 Cannabis Cup awards attestBhang is Bhetter!

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