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710 Cannabis Product Gift Guide - Top Tree

Happy 710! What is the significance of 7/10? Flip the number upside down and you get a clue–OIL. What 4/20 is to cannabis in general, 7/10, or July 10, is the universally recognized date associated with cannabis extracts, a category of cannabis products that includes not only concentrated cannabis oil, but hash, resin, and fresh frozen flower rosin. 

Top Producers in the Cannabis Oil Space

Highlighting the best across the US is a pastime for us – that’s why we feature the latest and greatest in our periodic gift guides. 

Check out the Big List of Top LGBTQ Brands and our latest cannabis product gift guides here, and find out the best oil-producing brands to try below!

710 Labs

710 Labs is an award-winning company and a star in the cannabis oil space, thanks to their dedication to producing organic, small-batch, high-grade cannabis that is painstakingly hunted and selected for its finest phenotypes. These exquisite expressions of exotic and landrace origin strains produce 710 Labs’ richly flavored extracts like their old-world waterhash, rosin and persy sauce, and hash rosin ‘gummi.’ With a focus on cultural cannabis education, their website is a wealth of information on innovative products.

Puffco Proxy

PuffCo is credited with lowering the barrier to entry to the world of concentrates, and has recently introduced the world’s first modular vaporizer. The Puffco Proxy is a portable, ergonomic vaporizer with a removable glass base, allowing cannabis consumers to customize their smoking accessory. PuffCo accessories include third-party artist glass, bringing innovation to cannabis tradition. The PuffCo Proxy has four precision heated temperature settings powered by cutting-edge 3D Chamber technology that vaporizes oils on the side walls instead of just the bottom, preserving the quality of the oil and creating the most flavorful experience and vapor production. If you’re looking for an entirely customizable accessory experience reminiscent of using an old-fashioned pipe while focused on trying an assortment of extracts, the PuffCo Proxy might be perfect for you. 

P & B Kitchen 

The artists at P&B Kitchen specialize in creating delicious edibles that bring a little more joy to life. Using solventless hash extracted from local sun-grown cannabis, P&B Kitchen’s craft creations are always made in small batches with only natural food ingredients and chemical-free processes. Check out their assortment of exciting flavor combinations that are bold, unexpected and totally unique. Most recently they’ve brought on their Artful Rosin Chocolates in intriguing tastes like Coconut Caramel, Raspberry Quinoa Crunch, Salted Almond and Mango Macadamia Nut, expanding their line from their original incredibly unique fruity hash gummies

Dab Rite 

Dab Rite’s goal at the outset was to develop a product that would give you the perfect dab each time. Dabbing should be an enjoyable experience from setting up beforehand, to settling down after, and having to reheat your banger or taking a dab that’s too hot spoils this experience. Dab Rite’s high-grade components and custom programming eliminate these nuisances to deliver the ideal dab every time.  Dab Rite’s sleek design fits seamlessly with your fine accessories and looks good with any decor. 

Dr. Dabber 

Dr. Dabber spares no expense to bring cannabis connoisseurs the best vaporizers on the market, using only the finest materials and latest innovative technologies in their vape pens and dab rigs. Beginning with the heralded Dr. Dabber Ghost vaporizer pen, Dr. Dabber now offers an entire line of state-of-the-art vaporizers for any situation. Having experienced their own dissatisfaction with what the market offered before they started, and boasting industry experience and an excellent customer support team, the innovators at Dr. Dabber have the passion, dedication, and know-how to deliver what the discerning customer wants and deserves.


Stundenglass is always developing innovative new products to deliver a smooth, enjoyable sensory experience like no other. Using kinetic energy and the natural force of gravity, Stundeglass infusers are essentially high-tech contactless-smoke hookahs that elevate your smoking experience by blending old-world tradition with state-of-the-art engineering. Its versatility is impressive–use it to smoke your favorite herb or give a beverage or select cut of meat a smoky edge. Stundenglass even offers extra domes and an assortment of fragrant wood chips like Mesquite and Apple Wood to impart your favorite smoky nuances to whatever you cook. Stundenglass has captured the attention of smokers worldwide, and even offers special infusers in collaboration with world-famous brands and personalities like Cookies’ Berner, Wiz Khalifa, and the one-and-only Mike Tyson. Their newest offering is the Kompact Gravity Infuser,  custom-fit travel case included, boasting the same patented gravity system as the original but in a smaller, portable package. 

Lost Farm Gummies 

Kiva invites you to the Lost Farm – not a place, but a conviction, ‘a belief that propels rare seekers on an endless drive for perfection.’ For Kiva, this means mixing the perfect strain into the ideal edible. Strain-specific 10 mg gummies and chews infused with live resin to bring you a fresher representation of the plant, harmoniously combined with fruit flavors that enhance each strain’s unique appeal. Lost Farm plant-based gummies are mixed with live resin, which means the resin of the cannabis plant is extracted at harvest prior to being dried, preserving the fresh, vibrant terpenes sometimes lost in the drying process. This results in a more pronounced terpene profile, which is then blended with fruit flavors that complement a particular strain’s character to create these super-fresh tasting edibles. If you’re looking for a full-sensory, extra-strength edible experience, check out the Lost Farm Collection bundle to try one of each of their watermelon, blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry lemonade chews and gummies.

Punch Extracts 

Punch Extracts are solvent-free, full-spectrum cold-cure and fresh-press cannabis concentrate made from live rosin. The pros at Punch Extracts exclusively work with live rosin, considered superior grade, as it is produced by processing fresh frozen flower, pressed through a fine mesh to remove any impurities. By only using fresh frozen flower, the resulting concentrate retains the strain’s deep and rich terpene profile that can be lost during curing and subsequent extractions. The results are richly-flavored rosin and the knock-out punch you’re looking for. Pressing ice water hash creates streams of translucent rosin, and Punch Extracts is so confident in their fresh-press process that their packaging showcases a window into the transparent jars so you can actually see Punch Extracts’ products’ quality before you buy

Errl Hill 

Errl Hill is a family-owned Humboldt County-based extraction company, better known as Humboldt’s Hash Co. Popular for their incredible live resin, their products are known for their delicious consistency and terpene-laden experience. Errl Hill’s Forbidden Cookies Live Sauce took home gold for most aromatic at the 710 Farmer’s Cup in 2021, and their Family Tree extract won 1st place as well as the Best Effect honorable mention in 2022. Meanwhile, their hydrocarbon solvent Gazberriez took home an honorable mention from the Emerald Cup for highest terpene content. “We work so you can terp,” is a motto Errl Hill stands by, lives by, and promises. Errl Hill Extracts brings you incredible live resin cannabis products, sure to provide an extraordinary taste experience. 

Rose Los Angeles 

Rose Los Angeles is “reimagining cannabis from an evolving, regenerative perspective.” The Rose Los Angeles products focus on using unprocessed, pure, full-spectrum rosin mechanically pressed from whole flower and infusing into Turkish Delight-style edibles. Their core recipes feature locally sourced ingredients, while this season’s offerings include Candy Cap Root Beer and poached pear in chili ancho and Rose Hibiscus Trio. Every new cannabis product offering is a collaboration with local chefs; the latest being a delicious recipe blending White Rock Ranch Meyer Lemons and freshly-steeped Thyme into rosin-infused Rose Delights. 

Blue’s Brother’s

The Blues Brothers, a Jim Belushi Brand, focuses on how music creates a sensory experience. The ‘Blues Brothers’ movie starred John Belushi, who died in 1982, and his Saturday Night Live partner, Dan Aykroyd, who now works with his younger brother, Jim Belushi. The two have kept the feeling behind the film alive and well with an incredible assortment of products crafted at Belushi’s farm, which you can watch on his reality-TV series Growing Belushi. Their Plant Jam collaboration with Chef David Yusefzadeh has created a limited-edition cannabis-infused ice cream line in Orange Whip and Java Chip flavors. Get your hands on this infused treat and really enjoy the hot summer’s day of 710. 

Will you be celebrating 710 with any of these incredible oil products? Let us know! 

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