Weed + Grub’s 4/20 Gift Guide


Mike and Mary Jane smoke, snack and hang every week for their podcast Weed + Grub, and they’ve got a lot of opinions about a bunch of things, including soup, ranch vs. blue cheese, and universal health care. Tune in to Weed + Grub, recorded at Top Tree Studios, every Wednesday to hear all their smoky takes — and read on for Mike and MJ’s 4/20 Gift Guide for great ideas to treat yourself and your buds to this high holiday! (Also, follow Weed +Grub on Instagram because they are fun and need your validation.)

  • TSUMo Snacks

One of the tip-top combinations of weed and grub, TSUMo Snacks are savory crunchies that fulfill your munchies! TSUMo says they’re “an edible experience for adults with taste.” We say they’re in the business of making dreams come true, because we’ve been looking for cheese puffs that get you high, and at 10mg a bag, you can eat the whole thing. Perfect for picnics, BBQs, game day, movie night — TSUMo Snacks come in an assortment of flavors for any occasion, or palate. Mike loves the Zesty Ranch, MJ stocks up on the Classic Cheese… and sometimes we get freaky and combine two flavors in a party bowl. Check ‘em out at tsumosnacks.com.

  • SeaWeed Naturals

Meeting famed ocean advocates Phillipe and Ashlan Cousteau to learn about their new venture that marries marine conservation with cannabis was a high point for us. We got ripped on their Low Tide THC starfish gummies — Mike had floaty bones! To learn more about the whole line of SeaWeed Naturals, and hear stories of a real-life Skull Island, tickling a grouper, and finding a Lakers shirt in a surreal place, check out our episode with Phillipe and Ashlan. And visit seaweednaturals.com!

  • Lake Grade

We love Lake Grade! One of our biggest supporters, Lake Grade offers a line of gorgeous cannabis flower grown responsibly under the big blue skies of Lake County, California. The weed is super tasty and priced right, the people behind the brand are dedicated to sustainable farming and giving back to the community, and the genetics are fiiiiiire! Lemon Sour Diesel, yes please! Whitezilla, take us away! Learn more about one of our fave brands at lakegrade.com.

  • Andrea Guzzetta artwork

Andrea Guzzetta is a mind-blowingly amazing artist and very funny human. Just listen to our ep with her! We both own her artwork, and it makes our lives richer. Looking at the inside of her brain through her colorful canvases while considering life, the universe and everything is an excellent way to spend some stoned time. Treat yourself to an Andrea Guzzetta original this 4/20 — you won’t regret it, and it will probably be worth millions someday. andreaguzzetta.com

  • Bohemian Chemist

Mary Jane visited the Bohemian Chemist when she was in Mendocino, and she hasn’t stopped talking about it, and smoking their flower, ever since. Their cannabis is sungrown on a magical hillside farm overlooking shade gardens full of rhododendrons, roses, peonies and dahlias, and sold in a 1920s-style apothecary just down the road that’s nestled into a building that houses a restaurant, wine tasting rooms, and a gift shop. Smoking this weed makes you feel like a verrrry fancy grownup. Visit thebohemianchemist.com to check out all their goodies (we love the Giggle Smokes!).

  • Mendocino Cannabis Shop

The incredible sales and delivery platform Mendocino Cannabis Shop features small-batch, craft cannabis products from small farms dedicated to legacy genetics and cultivating the best weed in the world. (Mary Jane wrote about some of them in this story for Rolling Stone.) Products provide a 90% return of the retail price back to the farmer, which is double the profit that most small farmers currently receive. MCS is currently serving the Sacramento area, and we can’t wait for them to expand throughout the state! mendocinocannabis.shop

  • Houseplant

Hi Seth Rogen! Please come be a guest on Weed + Grub. It is our dream to smoke and snack with you while you tell us all about your amazing weed company, Houseplant. Mike loves your Diablo Wind flower so much (and MJ wrote about it). He gave MJ the green marble car lighter from your Housegoods line, and we treasure it alongside your ashtray (we got it in sand). When we chatted with Roxane Gay (another dream guest), she said that the vase you made her is one of her prized possessions! We’re putting it in the air this 4/20 that you’ll come on our show sometime soon. Everybody go check out houseplant.com RIGHT NOW. 

  • P & B Kitchen

Papa & Barkley recently launched a line of artisanal edibles, and we went to the launch party! It was in a lush green garden, and there were goats. Goats!! There were also dabs, edibles, beverages and a lot of good-lookin’ folks (hi Natasha!). The new line of P&B vegan hash-infused gummies come in lip-smacking flavors like lychee, sour peach and watermelon chili. The rosin-infused chocolate bars are crazy delicious (coconut caramel is our fave). Peruse the new line of treats at pandbkitchen.com.

  • Kush Queen

Olivia Alexander gave us a glimpse into what goes into building a weed empire in our episode with her. Step one: honor your roots. Step two: fuck the haters. Step three: really, really love weed. Kush Queen products are our go-to to unwind after a long-ass day. The bath bombs, topicals, and elixirs hit just right to relax your muscles and brain. Drop a KQ bath bomb into your tub, spark a joint, and feel your stresses melt away. Shop the whole line at kushqueen.shop.

  • HiFi Sessions

We’re proud of the nachos we made for last year’s Super Bowl: just look at the recipe for our Nacho Tower with Spicy Sofritas and Charred Lemon Crema! We were inspired by the delicious sparkling Hi-Fi Sessions (previously HiFi Hops). We like unwinding with Hi-Fi Sessions Hoppy Chill (10mg THC), and the 2:2 blend of CBD to THC in Hi-Fi Hops Cloudberry is a refreshing change of pace. This 4/20, make a heaping pile of nachos, and high-five yourself as you crack open a frosty can of ABX Hi-Fi Sessions! Find HiFi Sessions at abx.org.

  • Rose Delights

Rose is a weed company that makes us grateful to live in California. Their delicious Rose Delights edibles are infused with single-strain whole flower rosin and made with local fruits and vegetables, giving an ephemeral snapshot of produce at its richest flavor long past the end of the season. Plus they sent an amazing gift pack to us when MJ wrote about the California cannabis crisis! We are grateful, we are full, we are very high on Delights. Check them out at roselosangeles.com.

  • Everything Bagel Seasoning Munchies Bar

Kiva is always making cool shit. We were in an ad for their infused gravy a couple of years ago! It won an advertising award! Now they’ve paired up with LA bagel food truck pioneers The Yeastie Boys to create the Everything Bagel Munchies Bar, with an exclusive blend of the Yeasties’ classic salty seasoning sprinkled on sweet, hash-infused dark chocolate. Sugary, savory, chocolatey and hashy, this limited-edition treat is sure to transform your wake and bake. Go get it at kivaconfections.com.

  • Care by Design

Care by Design gummies will put you to bed, kiss your forehead, turn the light off, and close the door gently on the way out. At least, that’s how it feels — we’ve been using the CbD (get it?!) line to get to sleep for most of the pandemic. They’ve got a full line of drops, soft gels, gummies, topicals and vapes in ratios from 1:1 all the way up to 40:1 THC to CBD, and many of them incorporate rarer cannabinoids like CBG, CBN and Delta-8-THC. These science-y folks really know what they’re doing! Check out the whole line at cbd.org.

  • Potli Shrimp Chips

Potli Shrimp Chips are LIT. They are so fucking good. Third-generation sauce and spice maker Felicity Chen launched Potli as a way to promote healthy living, creating high-quality, craftsman kitchen staples like Potli’s famed infused olive oil. Now she’s taken the brand to the next level with Potli’s ready-to-munch Cannabis Infused Shrimp Chips. They’re perfect for a midday snack! Crunch on a couple of salty-sweet umami chips for a dose of joy, or eat the whole bag and float away. Visit getpotli.com.


Weed… in pill form? Whoa. It’s true. LEVEL is a space-age product created through science-driven cannabinoid research. The tablets provide effects-based experiences with no sugar, gluten, or calories, and are formulated from 100 percent cannabis-only cannabinoids and terpenes. LEVEL’s formulations metabolize in your body similar to smoking, so the high is a more familiar experience for people who normally avoid edibles. Plus, they’re super strong! Find out what the future of cannabis may feel like at levelexperience.com.

  • Seoul Sausage

When Mike kicked it with The Great Food Truck Race All-Stars champs Seoul Sausage for an episode of Weed + Grub, he left with a new obsession. Since then he’s given the Seoul Sausage Korean BBQ Sausage + Fried Chicken Kit to his dad, his brother, and anyone else in his life with a birthday and a mouth. It is the absolute greatest food to eat when you’re high. Do yourself a favor this 4/20 and order a Seoul Sausage kit. Your friends will give you weed and carry you around on their shoulders in triumphant thanks. Get it at goldbelly.com.

  • Binske

Our VIB (very important bud) Elise is the brand manager at Binske, because she knows what’s good. Binske offers an out-of-this world line of flower, edibles, concentrates and vapes crafted with the highest standards. The folks at Binske term themselves “self-confessed perfectionists” obsessed with quality and flavor, which hits exactly right for us because we are not perfectionists, but we love perfect weed. Get a taste of the high life at binske.com.

  • Sweetzer Life Floral Boutique

The incredible, glorious Tiffany Gabrus launched her floral boutique The Sweetzer Life during the pandemic to bring beauty and joy to the world, and can we just say, she’s really fucking good at it. She creates arrangements inspired by the people receiving them — this year, Mike gave MJ a cheetah-inspired situation for her birthday featuring hand-painted roses and a wild assortment of evergreen treasures. Treat yourself, a friend or a sexy lover to an unforgettable gift of the other kind of flowers from thesweetzerlife.com.

  • Bad Manners Cookbook

We met Bad Manners a couple of years ago when Matt and Michelle came over to record, and when they left, we looked at each other and were like, ‘damn they’re cool.’ As Bad Manners, they’ve created an incredible community, podcast, and line of best-selling cookbooks centered around plant-based recipes that make you feel great, while being down to earth and funny AF. Do your 420-loving self a favor: buy their latest cookbook BRAVE NEW MEAL, smoke a joint and get in the kitchen. You’ll thank us later. badmanners.com

  • Air Fryer

It’s a staple in Mike’s kitchen! You can make pot roast, curly fries, chicken wings, mac and cheese, cake, lobster tails… honestly, it does it all, and you need one. It will change your munchie life. Mary Jane would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that Mike’s Air Fryer was a gift from her. Get your own at target.com.

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