The State of Legalization

Marijuana Legalization Over the years, you’ve probably seen or heard in the news about marijuana being decriminalized or legalized. However, decriminalization and legalization doesn’t eliminate the possibility of penalties in certain circumstances. Some states have chosen to only legal medical weed, or medical CBD. What is and isn’t allowed, and what penalties are still handed… Continue reading The State of Legalization

GA Prosecutor Dropping Cannabis Cases

Coastal Georgia’s DA will stop prosecuting possession of less than an ounce, dropping cannabis cases Chatham County District Attorney Shalena Cook Jones announced that she will stop prosecuting people for possessing small amounts of cannabis. This decision follows similar ones made by police officials across the state and echoes the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s refusal… Continue reading GA Prosecutor Dropping Cannabis Cases

Support for Legalizing Cannabis Just Keeps Growing

Legalizing cannabis: A record number of Americans are in favor of legalization The number of Americans who support legalizing cannabis, which has been steadily increasing for decades, has reached record numbers in recent years, as evidenced by the growing list of states who have already legalized recreational use at the state level. 37 states have… Continue reading Support for Legalizing Cannabis Just Keeps Growing

House passes MORE Act

Bill would end cannabis prohibition–but must pass in the Senate first On April 1, 2022, The House of Representatives passed The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act, the latest attempt to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. This Act is the most recent example of the steady shift in public opinion towards ending marijuana prohibition… Continue reading House passes MORE Act

Pack your Bags: Thailand is giving away 1 Million Cannabis Plants

Southeast Asia, an area of the world-renowned for its extremely harsh punitive measures against marijuana is making groundbreaking moves towards legalization – at least in Thailand, anyways.  The Thai government announced it will be providing 1 million cannabis plants to households across the nation for free in June, to coincide with a new law that… Continue reading Pack your Bags: Thailand is giving away 1 Million Cannabis Plants

Cannabition: The Immersive Cannabis Museum Returns

The Cannabition Museum is back and better than ever! This Las Vegas attraction, formerly located on the infamous Fremont street, is relocating and will now be a part of the Planet 13 cannabis superstore and entertainment complex. Cannabition is the world’s first and only immersive cannabis Museum. This Cannabis-themed art museum is the first mainstream,… Continue reading Cannabition: The Immersive Cannabis Museum Returns