The State of Legalization

Marijuana Legalization Over the years, you’ve probably seen or heard in the news about marijuana being decriminalized or legalized. However, decriminalization and legalization doesn’t eliminate the possibility of penalties in certain circumstances. Some states have chosen to only legal medical weed, or medical CBD. What is and isn’t allowed, and what penalties are still handed… Continue reading The State of Legalization

Legal Weed In New Mexico Boosts Economy

Legal weed in New Mexico is very quickly seeing the benefits of a legal cannabis market  Recreational cannabis has been legal in New Mexico only since March 31st, 2022, but has already become a significant economic enterprise for the state. Recreational cannabis will bring in an estimated $300 million in annual sales while creating 11,000… Continue reading Legal Weed In New Mexico Boosts Economy

NJ Wants To Stop Cops Smoking Legal Weed

New Jersey legalized the recreational use of cannabis on April 21, 2022, permitting not only adults in the general public to consume the plant and its derivatives but, notably, off-duty police officers as well. Now, pointing to safety concerns, some New Jersey legislators are introducing new bills to remove or modify the state’s regulations so… Continue reading NJ Wants To Stop Cops Smoking Legal Weed

House passes MORE Act

Bill would end cannabis prohibition–but must pass in the Senate first On April 1, 2022, The House of Representatives passed The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act, the latest attempt to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. This Act is the most recent example of the steady shift in public opinion towards ending marijuana prohibition… Continue reading House passes MORE Act

Virginia Votes to Recriminalize Personal Possession of Marijuana

Virginia Votes to Re-Criminalize Virginia’s Republic Governor Glenn Youngkin has proposed an amendment to substitute SB 591, which would increase the penalty of personal possession of more than two ounces of cannabis. This amendment is taking effect just one year after Virginia became the first state in the South to legalize recreational use.  Virginia proposes… Continue reading Virginia Votes to Recriminalize Personal Possession of Marijuana

Legacy-to-Legal in NY

For legacy-to-legal cannabis entrepreneurs, going legal is easier said than done As New York puts forth what has been described as the most progressive legal framework for social equity in cannabis legalization by far among the states that have legalized, the process to legalize may still be a complicated task for legacy businesses. The legal… Continue reading Legacy-to-Legal in NY