The Garden Society

The Garden Society

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Garden Society brings elegance and luxury to cannabis 

Garden Society re-envisions the experience of cannabis by combining the talents of two talented and successful women in the cannabis and wine industries. 

By harnessing the cannabis plant’s wondrous potential to enhance well-being while farming responsibly and using only high-quality, sustainable ingredients, co-founders Erin Gore and Karli Warner are bringing a fresh new perspective to cannabis through a selection of delicious edibles and strain-specific pre-rolls. Designed for both the canna-curious and canna-confident, Garden Society offers something for everyone interested in luxury edibles and the benefits of high-quality, sun-grown cannabis. 

A Fresh Perspective

Garden Society’s edibles and pre-rolls are made with sun-grown, full-spectrum cannabis cultivated by partners in neighboring counties Sonoma and Mendocino. Their approach to cannabis wellness is less focused on the dry science of cannabinoids and potency and more on the varied strain-specific benefits the plant can provide day-to-day. To that end, Garden Society’s edibles and pre-rolls are organized in three convenient and self-explanatory categories so you know what you’re getting without getting too into the weeds about the data–Blissful Rest showcases the relaxing properties of Indica-Hybrids, Brighter Day boasts the energetic character of Sativa-Hybrids, and Calm and Focus uses high-CBD strains for a balanced experience.

Karli Warner’s experience in public relations and marketing in the wine industry,  combined with Erin Gore’s experience as one of the leading women in cannabis, inspired the creation of a selection of cannabis-infused luxury edibles. This includes Garden Society’s Wine Country Gummies​​Tart Cherry Pinot Noir infused with restful Indica-dominant cannabis, Peach Prosecco for a vibrant Sativa-dominant boost, and Sparkling Strawberry Rose for concentration and tranquility. Each unique flavor’s infusion has a rapid onset of 15 minutes.

Garden Society’s cannabis-infused chocolates follow the same simple and sensible approach, with delicious selections like Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt, Spiced Dark Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate with Chai. Try a piece of Brighter Day Spiced Dark as the perfect accompaniment to a creative endeavor, or indulge in an Indica-infused Milk Chocolate and Sea Salt snack while curled up watching your favorite show. 

Elevate in Elegance

Garden Society’s Rosette Mini Pre-Rolls are neatly crafted personal smokes, elegantly packaged in sets of 10, while the Hash-infused Mini Pre-Rolls in packs of 5 offer more potency for the experienced smoker.

Take a Stroll in the Garden

Garden Society cordially invites you to their one-of-a-kind Garden Parties, where the canna-curious can ask and learn about the cannabis plant, explore Garden Society products, and discover the ways in which cannabis can enhance general well-being and happiness. 

While products are not available for sale or consumption at the events, guests will have the opportunity to learn how they can purchase Garden Society’s luxury products and have them discreetly delivered right to their front door.

A Flourishing Enterprise

Garden Society is a B-corporation dedicated to women’s health and wellness and responsible practices like sustainable farming. These efforts have not gone unnoticed, with the company’s successes capturing the attention of various publications including Forbes and the Financial Times over the last few years. 

Check out the Garden Society Press section of their website to see the extensive praise Gore and Warner have received for their unique vision of cannabis and wellness, an example of a brand excelling in its chosen market and uplifting the lives of women in the industry through collaboration and a shared passion for the finer things in life.

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