Nug Avenue – Premium Delivery Service for Premium Cannabis 

Nug Avenue delivers cannabis products directly to you. It’s not always easy to get to your closest brick and mortar, especially if you suffer from conditions like chronic pain or anxiety. Online shopping for anything from food to clothing alleviates the daily struggle, and it should be no different when it comes to cannabis. If you use weed for therapeutic purposes, easy accessibility to your medicine is crucial, and cannabis delivery services like Nug Avenue in California bring it right to your door. Even if you use cannabis for recreational purposes, every click-and-order saves you gas, time, and a crawl in traffic. 

Expect more of these services to pop up in states around the country where cannabis is or will be legal, as distributors seek to gain an immediate advantage over competitors. 

What you want, when you want it

Nug Avenue, a cannabis delivery service operating in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, offers a selection of hand-selected premium flowers delivered right to your door.  Shoppers can choose same-day or scheduled delivery, and ordering online or by mobile is quick and easy. 

Those lucky enough to live within Nug’s service area get same-day delivery. Sample a wide variety of cultivars, including stellar examples from renowned producers like Alien Labs, Cookies, Cream of the Crop Gardens, and Stiizy. Nug Avenue ticks every box for your cannabis needs, from heavy indicas to balanced hybrids and zesty sativas, and from ultra-premium 3.5 g bags for the connoisseur to 14 and 28 gram bags for the budget smoker. And the best part of Nug Avenue’s website is that they have an online cannabis discounts and deals page offering a series of discounts ranging from 10-20% off. 

Not sure what you want? The Nug Avenue blog will keep you informed with their strains guide for beginners and top ten brand coverage, among other juicy cannabis information nuggets.  

Building the Nug Highway 

Nug Avenue’s parent company, Sugarmade, or SGMD, has become an emerging leader in the cannabis marketplace in California, and much of this is thanks to the success of its online cannabis delivery service. SGMD has plans to expand its commercial operations both within California and establish its brand and cannabis delivery platform beyond the state. Stay tuned to see if Nug Avenue cuts through your town sometime in the not-too-distant future.

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