Glass House Farms : A Virtual Experience

Have you ever wanted to visit a cannabis farm and learn more about the process of how it’s grown? Look no further. With Glass House Farms’ virtual experience, you can now visit a cannabis farm in California from the comfort of your own home. Using 360-degree photography and state of the art 3D modeling, this virtual reality farm experience gives visitors a unique behind- the-scenes look into the cultivation process of one of fastest-growing cannabis companies in the US.

The Glass House cannabis farm

Glass House Farms was founded in 2016 in Santa Barbara California, and uses eco-friendly practices and cutting-edge environmental controls to cultivate the finest strains of premium cannabis. This California cannabis farm cultivates its crop in a greenhouse cultivation space spanning over 500,00 square feet. Glass House Farms prides themselves on their environmentally-sound and sustainable practices, and now with this virtual experience, you can witness their remarkable cannabis farm first-hand.

The Green House 

This guided virtual experience begins with a warm greeting from Graham Farrar, Glass House Farms’ Co-Founder, President, and Chief Cannabis Officer. The tour uses 360-degree photography to give visitors an inside look into one of the greenhouses, transporting them to the cannabis farm in sunny California. This virtual web application allows visitors to zoom in and out and explore the greenhouse and its design, allowing them to witness Glass House Farm’s sustainable cultivation process and get a better idea of this company’s commitment to environmental responsibility. 

The greenhouse is based on Dutch greenhouse design, using the perfect coastal environment and plentiful sunshine of Carpinteria to cultivate cannabis with nature and to keep Glass House Farms’ ecological footprint small. The greenhouse uses a high-transmittance glass roof, high-efficiency temperature control, natural pest management, and water recapture and recirculation, confirming Glass House Farms’ diligence to eco-friendly cultivation.

Strain-Inspired 3D Environments 

Along with the virtual farm experience of the greenhouse, visitors are also invited to get up close and personal with three of Glass House Farms’ best-selling strains: Cherry AK, Hellfire, and Ice Cream Cake. The advanced 3D modeling showcases each strain from multiple angles where you can zoom into these buds extremely close-up, getting a microscopic view of the strains’ fine and intricate detail— a really impressive sight to see! The 3D models of each strain are also accompanied with an information section detailing the effects, terpene profiles, and lineage associated with each strain.

The three strains also each have their own 3D “environment” which can be explored. These strain-inspired virtual rooms give visitors a space to explore, accompanied with ambient music and scenery based on real Santa Barbara landscapes. The landscapes are juxtaposed with expressive and colourful virtual installations, allowing visitors to navigate the space with their phone or computer’s gyroscope. A hidden discount code is situated in each environment (a great marketing ploy!), making this fully immersive audiovisual experience akin to a futuristic cannabis video game. These strain “experiences” are fun and quirky, and are definitely worth taking a look at!

Dedication to Sustainability and Customers 

Glass House Farms prides themselves on their craftsmanship and greenhouse growing expertise as well as their commitment to sustainability practices. The amount of detail and thought that went into creating their virtual farm experience to share their cultivation process and engage customers speaks volumes about their passion. 

Graham Farrar, Glass House Farms  President and Co-Founder, states: “We always work to maximize a triple bottom line: what’s good for our customers, our company and team, and for the planet.” Taking the virtual tour of this cannabis farm and reading Glass House Farms’ sustainability report on their website makes it evident that the commitment to the environment and their customers has led Glass House Farms to their massive success. 

If you’re eager to learn more about the cannabis cultivation process and want to see Glass House Farms’ greenhouse first-hand, this virtual tour is for you! Take a trip down to the Golden State without leaving your house and experience it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

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