Delta-8 and Delta variant. The chronic you want, versus the chronic you don’t want.

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You’ve likely heard about Delta-8 through your friends or in recent news. This powerful compound has a host of benefits that make it easier to find an effective dosage and maximize positive effects on you. Delta-8 is your best choice when dealing with anxiousness, nausea, and more. Stay safe from the Delta variant and choose Delta-8 instead.

Delta-8 Benefits

Delta-8 can provide you with many benefits that will make daily life easier. Say goodbye to the stress and anxiety of daily work that may be lowering your performance and making each day more difficult. You’ll have an easier time completing daily errands and chores when you’re not feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Delta-8 helps with pain relief and acts to mitigate nausea and stimulate your appetite. If you take certain medications that cause vomiting or nausea, Delta-8 can help you feel better during the day, relieve pain caused by inflammation, and improve your sleep quality to gain more control of your life.

Preliminary research has also been completed that suggests Delta-8 can minimize tumor growths in mice and even provide neuroprotective properties that improve your memory and concentration. Delta-8 is the perfect compound for many adults, that will make your life happier and easier.

Will Delta-8 get you high?

Unlike CDB products, Delta-8 is a psychoactive substance that will produce a small body and head high like THC products. Delta-8 isn’t as strong and won’t cause paranoia or fogginess, which are often linked to THC use. Delta-8 adds a pleasant buzz to your experience while relieving mood and pain issues during the day. You’ll achieve optimal results once finding your perfect dosage.

Delta-8 Side Effects

Delta-8, just like CBD and THC products, also comes with a potential range of side effects. When first trying Delta-8, you should start with a low dose to gauge your tolerance and determine any noticeable, unpleasant effects. You may experience drowsiness and brief confusion. Your mouth and eyes can feel dry, and there may be signs of passing numbness in your limbs.

Delta-8 will produce a high, which can lead to impairment like being unable to drive safely or work efficiently. Using an inappropriate amount or too much can make you feel anxious or uncomfortable. Most of the side effects for Delta-8 are minor and will often pass once you determine your ideal dosage.

Delta 8 Legal States

Delta-8 is federally legal in all states due to the 2018 Farm Bill. However, individual states have the power to pass different laws that minimize the maximum dosage, or where Delta-8 is allowed to be sold. In most states, you’ll likely be able to access Delta-8, but the market may not be regulated or monitored by the state government, leading to a variety of prices and qualities.

Delta-8 is completely legal in 30 states, while the rest of the country has unclear laws or has completely outlawed the compound. Delta-8 has been made completely illegal in Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, New York, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, Utah, and Washington. Monitor your state’s situation to determine any changes in your local laws and potential alternatives.

Where to get Delta 8

If you live in a state where Delta-8 is legal, you can find many options at local dispensaries and even vape shops. You can also find online vendors that have large selections of flavors and options. Always check the authenticity of your vendor to ensure all Delta-8 products haven’t been mixed with any other chemicals or substances.

Retailers should provide lab reports and batch numbers with the products so you’re able to see a full chemical breakdown with each purchase. Shop responsibly and take your time researching your retailer to ensure you’re buying a safe, quality product that has been thoroughly tested and regulated.


Delta-8 is an effective compound that is widely available across the United States. Take gummies, pills or find cartridges that relieve the constant pressure of stress and anxiety from your shoulders. Live life easier by using quality Delta-8 products that make you feel better throughout the day.

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