Ricky Williams – The Goal is Greatness

The Goal is Greatness

From winning the Heisman Trophy in 1998 as a star running back in Texas college football, to making an indelible mark in both the NFL and CFL, Ricky WIlliams has always set lofty goals for himself, and reached them with sparks of greatness. 

Ricky’s Gameplan

Ricky Williams’ primary goal these days since he hung up his cleats is in reality not a new one–Williams has been fighting for decades to end the negative stigmas associated with cannabis use and promote its healing benefits for athletes and non-athletes alike. 

As more and more U.S. states and countries around the world move to legalize cannabis and public opinion continues to shift to a more favorable view of the plant, it looks like Ricky is getting closer to achieving this goal as well. Often criticized by sports pundits for choosing cannabis over pharmaceuticals to treat his own conditions, Ricky Williams is now joined by a growing number of medical professionals who have begun to acknowledge the potential of cannabinoids for therapeutic purposes. 

With the same fierce drive he used to muscle and maneuver his way to the endzone, Ricky continues his long-time cannabis activism with Highsman.co, a unique selection of premium cannabis products, apparel, and merchandise, inspired by Ricky Williams’ tireless work to bridge the gap between cannabis and sport. 

Ricky’s Stellar Roster of Strains

Highsman offers an outstanding lineup of cannabis strains personally tested and selected by Ricky himself. Hundreds of cultivars were repeatedly sampled to identify those strains whose terpenes suited Ricky’s experienced palette and whose cannabinoid profiles provided the effects appropriate to the given occasion. 

Highsman selections cover the spectrum of cannabinoid effects, from zesty invigorating sativas rich in limonene and pinene to dank myrcene-heavy indicas, and an assortment of flavourful hybrids in between that blend the best of the both worlds. 

Whether it’s a “Pregame” choice for an energetic daytime smoke, “Halftime” for a moment of focus, or “Postgame” for mind and muscle relaxation, Highsman cannabis is tailored for specific needs throughout the day, and is available in dried flower and pre-roll formats. 

The Highsman Team

Highsman is there with you when you’re on the move and keeps you ready to roll with finely-crafted, durable accessories–everything from thermal bottles and rolling trays to logo pins and gift cards. 

Highsman apparel is fashioned as a salute to the long-established connection between streetwear, cannabis and sport. The Highsman lineup blends style with comfort and functionality for a crisp, sporty ensemble, and offers a selection of hoodies, joggers, tees, and classic varsity jackets. Check out the full collection of the All-Star collaboration between Jeeter and Highsman.  Because if it’s about spark of greatness, Ricky wants you to look as great as you feel.

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