Malta Legalizes Cannabis Use and Home Grows

Malta is the first EU country to officially legalize cannabis, setting a standard for personal cannabis use as well as growing at home. 

Malta’s Legalization Policy Details 

In late 2021, Malta’s Parliament voted 36-27 to approve a bill to legalize cannabis in the nation, and it was officially approved by President George Vella on Dec 18, 2021. As the first country in the EU to legalize, they’ll be setting the standard for legalization across Europe. 

Here is a quick run-down of what legalization in Malta entails: 

  • Possession: 7 gram limit for adults aged 18+
    • Possession from 7-28 grams will hold a fine of up to approx $115 US 
    • Possession for minors results in a judicial commission hearing which will recommend a care plan 
  • Consumption: Not legal in public 
    • Consumption in public will hold a fine of up to approx $260 US 
    • Consumption with a minor present will hold a fine of up to approx $500 US 
  • Cultivation: 4 plants limit for personal use 
    • Not-for-profit cannabis cooperatives are able to hold a membership of up to 500 people who are able to receive:
      • 7 grams a day with a maximum of 50 grams to each member each month
      • 20 cannabis seeds to each member each month 
  • Storage: 50 gram limit for homegrown cannabis stored at home 

Rolling Out Legalization

Although cannabis is legal, Malta will not have a commercial market like California or Colorado. Instead of a legal and regulated market, cannabis will be available at non-profit cannabis cooperatives. This allows Malta’s citizens to create their own private cannabis growing networks, without the extra worry of commercializing the crop. In fact, limiting corporate takeover in the regulated cannabis industry is one of the main concerns for Malta. 

Similar to Canada’s legalization framework, harm reduction and protecting youth is the main reason for rolling out cannabis legalization, and quickly. Will this framework help other EU countries roll cannabis legalization out effectively? Only time will tell!

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